Ethan at work

About Ethan

Welcome to Ethan's home page, I'm a programmer and systems admin for the Miami network of colleges. In layman terms, I'm the guy that keeps the campuses lights and networks on. I love to write code that automates routine tasks and frequently can be found writing up scripts and tools in Java, Perl, Basic, Pascal and even Fortran (really!). I also freelance on my weekends for small projects and you may have seen me on LinkedIn and Freelancer. In fact, you're probably here due to my profile and looking for more information about me.

Projects I've Done

A majority of my employers don't mind me sharing my projects and past work experience, but I've chosen to only highlight a select few for confidentiality reasons. A majority of the scripts and tools I write are relatively short that can be accomplished in a weekend or a week. While this may seem like rather small projects, bear in mind I do have a full-time job as well.


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